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Used Ultrasound Machine: Buying Guide, Selling Sites, + 6 New Cheaper Alternatives

Charles M. Carlsen

Published April 23, 2024
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The use of diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound machines is growing annually in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, thanks to a consistent increase in patients and procedures requiring ultrasound imaging.(1)

But, with new ultrasound technologies becoming more and more pricey, many healthcare facilities have to strike a balance between the indisputable need for these machines and the glaring budgetary constraints.

In such a scenario, finding a used, cheap ultrasound machine for sale is your best option.
So, what factors should you consider when buying a used ultrasound machine? Which online sellers should you buy from? And, are there new, cheaper ultrasound machine options you can opt for without compromising quality?

That’s what this article is about. So, let’s get to the details!

What to Consider When Buying a Used Ultrasound Machine

Used Ultrasound Machine
If the hefty cost of new mid and high-tier ultrasound machines pushes you to go for a used one, conducting thorough research is paramount. That should save you from bringing a jar of ugly surprises to your healthcare facility.

We thought you’d want our expert help in making that crucial decision.
So, here are the 4 of the most important factors to consider when buying a used ultrasound machine.

1.Budget Vs. Value

A tight budget is probably the primary reason you are opting for a used ultrasound machine in the first place. But that shouldn’t lower your bar for value.

Whether you go for traditional names like GE and Phillips or other newer brands, set your budget range and aim for the best value.

New technology ultrasound machines can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $90,000, and you will likely pay 40-60% of this cost for used or refurbished ultrasound machines.

The best way to balance budget and value is to compare notes between what you are looking for and what the used ultrasound machine offers. If all the requirements on your list match the machine's features and it’s within your budget, go for it!

2.Warranty or Quality Guarantee

A 12-month warranty for most new ultrasound machines is an expected guarantee. But if you are buying used or refurbished equipment, chances are, you’ll get a shorter-term warranty or none at all.

Before making that bank transfer in exchange for a used ultrasound machine, ask about the seller's way of guaranteeing that what you buy is what you need. Inquire about their return policy and the chances of repair and replacement if the machine doesn’t meet your expectations.

3.Machine Age and Condition

What to Consider When Buying a Used Ultrasound Machine
Not every ultrasound machine for sale should really be on sale. That’s because, like all equipment, ultrasound machines have a limited lifecycle that involves quality deterioration with time.

Experts recommend that active ultrasound machines be used for a maximum of 8 years with consistent maintenance and upgrades. Replace them after that.(2)

When you buy used ultrasound machine older than 8 years, you are certainly throwing away your money.

Even if the machine should work fine, the imaging quality is lower, and regular repairs will compromise the quality of care your facility can offer to patients.

Consider purchasing a used ultrasound machine that’s not older than 5 years. That way, you have at least 3 years of good service from the equipment and probably time to afford a new one.

4.Seller Credibility

You are spoilt for choice with online marketplaces for used ultrasound machines. However, not every one of them should be your target seller when looking for a used ultrasound machine for sale.
So, when searching for where to buy your used ultrasound machine, assess the seller’s credibility and worthiness on these characteristics.
  • The seller has a considerable number of years in business. This counts for reliability and credibility.
  • The seller has warranty/quality guarantee policies that reassure you of the quality of the ultrasound machine.
  • The seller has discount offers and financing plans in favor of the customer.
  • The seller is registered/certified by relevant bodies (FDA, ISO, etc.).
  • The seller works with the top brands in the ultrasound machine market.
With these seller qualities in mind, we put together 6 medical sale sites where you can buy a used ultrasound machine.

Used Ultrasound Machines for Sale: 6 Websites to Buy From

Wondering what is the best website to purchase used or refurbished ultrasound equipment?
Well, if you make a quick internet search for “used ultrasound machine for sale,” the search will return countless options.

To help you narrow down, here are 6 of the best online marketplaces with used ultrasound machines for sale. Consider that the sites are not in any ranking.


  • 35 years of experience.
  • Best market prices, up to 60% less than the original manufacturer’s price.
  • Professional personnel with 24/7 customer support.
  • A top-manufacturers catalog.
  • Multiple financing options.
AceVision offers high-quality refurbished and used ultrasound machines. Expert technicians test the products thoroughly to ensure you get ultrasound machines with the original manufacturer's performance and operational standards.


  • 23 years in the ultrasound market.
  • 90-day warranties in the US and 60-day warranties for international customers. Extended warranties are available at an extra cost.
  • In-house engineers and technicians.
  • Serves global and domestic customers.
AME specializes in refurbished and used portable ultrasound machines. That means you can find a portable ultrasound machine for sale faster than on other sites.

All their machines are from key market players(3)like GE, Mindray, Philips, Biosound, and Sonosite and are certified according to their standards.

AME listens to every customer’s desire and sources widely to provide quality, reliable, and affordable portable ultrasound systems.

3.Dr’s Toy Store

  • 25 years of experience.
  • Save up to 40-70% compared to new purchases.
  • Global shipping.
Dr’s Toy Store is a leader in the supply of used and new medical equipment, including ultrasound machines.

Their ultrasound machine showroom around Fort Lauderdale is an attraction site, recording visits even by doctors from abroad.

4.Ultrasound Solutions Corp. (USC)

  • Over 20 years of excellence.
  • FDA registered + ISO-certified.
  • Manages over $100 million in assets at educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and imaging centers.
  • More affordable than ultrasound machine manufacturers.
  • Offers advice on third-party financing.
USC is a customer-centered company specializing in new, refurbished, and used ultrasound machines.

With a vision for excellence in providing quality diagnostic imaging solutions, USC places its consultants at your service to guide you through the entire sales process.

5.Ultra Select Medical

  • 14 years in the ultrasound equipment market.
  • Choose from a vast range of top brands.
  • A local and global supplier.
Ultra Select Medical provides reconditioned ultrasound machines in general and specialized imaging alongside their new models.

With options from all the top brands in the ultrasound market, Ultra Select Medical will give exactly what you are looking for while guaranteeing quality within your budget.

Their ultrasound machines fall under all areas of imaging applications, including 3D/4D, MSK, general imaging, cardiac, women’s health, and vascular.


  • 10 years since founding.
  • Thousands of offers in one place.
  • Filter listing by preferred parameters.
Bimedis is a global online store that lists new, refurbished, and used medical equipment. On this site, you can buy a used ultrasound machine suitable for private offices, hospitals, other healthcare facilities, and home care.

And, with their ‘site service’, you can contact sellers directly and negotiate costs, discounts, and other transaction details.

If these used ultrasound machine sale websites don’t have what you are looking for, you can still buy a brand-new ultrasound with a very good price/performance ratio. Find out about that in the following section.

6 Brand-new Scanner Alternatives for Used Ultrasound Machines

There’s a buying tip for ultrasound machines you must know about.

If you can’t buy a reconditioned ultrasound machine within your budget, you can get a new portable scanner at a lower budget and still enjoy the quality imaging you are looking for.

This decision will help you own a new ultrasound system under your budget and deliver the benefits of using a portable ultrasound scanner to your healthcare facility. These benefits include:
  • They are lightweight, and you can carry them anywhere.
  • They have a vast range of applications.
  • They reduce patient wait time.
  • They provide affordable care.
  • They are fast and accurate diagnostic tools, just like the high-end sonographic systems.(4)
We reviewed 6 of the best portable ultrasound scanners that are worthy alternatives to mid and high-tier used or refurbished ultrasound machines.

1.DRSONO Tri-scan Max

DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner Banner Image
  • Cost: $3,599  (With 12-month warranty)
  • Free APP
  • Choose between 3 probe modes (linear, curved, or phased) and 5 imaging modes.
  • Optimal HD imaging with 192 elements.
  • Use with Android, iOS, or Windows.
  • Portable and 100% wireless.
  • Waterproof and safe to clean.
DRSONO’s Tri-scan Max is a cost-effective option for any doctor or healthcare facility looking to offer their patients quality imaging. With its 3 probe modes, you simply turn the device from one edge to the other to get beyond-HD images with the aid of the latest AI tools.

This device works for all ultrasound exam types, including OB/GYN, breast, cardiac, thyroid, vascular, and general imaging. Plus, their free-access application lets you collaborate remotely with colleagues by remotely sharing images and notes.

2.Clarius L15 HD3

Clarius L15 HD3
  • Cost: $4,750 + $785 annual membership.
  • High-frequency linear scanning.
  • Wireless connection.
  • Access online training, advanced software, and AI tools with membership.
Clarius L15 HD3 is an ultra-light portable scanner that offers high-frequency linear scanning in a long list of specialties, including general imaging, MSK, vascular, breast, ocular, thyroid, and lung. You can use the handheld scanner with your iOS or Android device to access a range of imaging tools, like AI-powered image optimization.

3.Butterfly IQ+

butterfly iq
  • Cost: $2,699 + $420 annual membership (May change with buyer location).
  • Whole-body imaging.
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible.
  • Access training courses from the Butterfly Academy with membership.
  • Perfect for training in medical schools and residency programs.
The Butterly iQ+ scanner uses groundbreaking ultrasound technology. It is powered by Ultrasound-on-Chip™ to offer whole-body imaging with a single hand-held device.

Whether you are working in emergency, anesthesiology, cardiology, MSK, or OB/GYN, Butterly iQ+ will deliver the quality of imaging you are looking for.

And, with a vision to democratize imaging, you can use this device for all your imaging needs in a large urban hospital or a remote area clinic.

4.SonoMe Vet 14L

SonoMe Vet 14L
  • Cost: $2,594, discounted from $3,359, with a 12-month warranty.
  • FDA-regulated sale.
  • Easy to use.
  • Downloadable app with iOS devices.
  • Order ships in 2 days
In the current market trends, vet ultrasound scanners are considered high-priced.(5)That makes the SonoMe Vet 14L scanner cost-effective at its current price. The scanner is uniquely designed for veterinary imaging needs and manufactured by a leader in vet medical equipment, Bionet.

You can use SonoMe Vet for high-quality diagnostic imaging in diverse specialties, including pregnancy, fluid check, foreign body, peripheral vessel, and superficial organ imaging


  • Cost: $4,495, down from $5,595, with a 2-year warranty.
  • HD imaging.
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • 4-hour battery.
  • Multilingual usage.
  • Can use 6 probe types (not included in purchase).
The YOUKEY SOLOSCAN P50 scanner utilizes the latest technology to deliver high-definition imaging in a range of applications: OB/GYN, ICU, primary care, emergency services, and anesthesia. With its scanning power and ultra-portability, SOLOSCAN P50 can serve the busiest healthcare facilities.


  • Cost: $5,998 discounted from $7,000 with a 1-year warranty. Discounts are available on a customer basis.
  • High-quality imaging, 128 elements.
  • 6-8 hours battery.
  • CE and ISO-certified (not for use in the U.S.).
The list of applications for the SIFULTRAS-8.51 is endless. You can use it in cardiology, surgery, EMS, endocrinology, OB/GYN, and general imaging, among others.

The multi-head scanner uses 7 different heads, including linear, convex, convex micro, and transvaginal. Only one is in the package.


Used ultrasound machines are a reliable go-to option when on a budget. Luckily, doctors and healthcare facilities can purchase these reconditioned ultrasound systems from credible websites at cost-effective offers.
And if this does not work for you, you can buy a brand-new ultrasound with a very good price and reliable performance. And all that is under your budget.
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Charles M. Carlsen
Hello! I'm Charles, As co-founder of Drsono, I contribute to the DRSONO blog, providing valuable insights and up-to-date information on ultrasound technology and diagnostic imaging.

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