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DRSONO LOGO Portable Ultrasound scanner

Speed up patient care using high-definition ultrasound for breast surgery

The DRSONO 3-in-1 Portable Ultrasound 192 Element provides superior imaging, enhancing physicians' ability to access high-definition visuals for precise guidance in an interoperable setting.
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Breast Surgery-Portable Ultrasound Scanner
Breast ultrasound utilizes sound waves to visualize the internal structures of the breast. This test aids healthcare providers in detecting potential breast issues and assessing blood circulation in the breast region.

The DRSONO ultrasound device effortlessly connects to Windows, Android, and iOS gadgets, offering exceptional precision in locating hard-to-reach breast masses. This enables easy diagnosis and removal while reducing patient discomfort and inconvenience.

Count on DRSONO for your pre-, peri-, and postoperative evaluations.

The localization procedure ensures minimal patient discomfort and enables precise identification and extraction of the central lesion, while also minimizing tissue removal to maintain tumor-free margins.

DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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