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Quick Start Guide


Download & install the app

For iOS devices, visit the Apple App Store. If you're using an Android device, head to the Google Play Store. Look for the WirelessUSG app, then click the "Install" button. The app will begin installing on your smart device. Open the app to start the scanning process. You can also directly click the button below to install the app.
DRSONO ultrasound scanner App Store IconDRSONO handheld ultrasound scanner Google Play Icon
You can also using the two-dimensional code scanning software to scan the two-dimensional code below, you can get the download link of APP for installation.
Please enable the location services on your phone or tablet
DRSONO APP-two-dimensional code

PC Installation Instructions

If on Windows device, can download the install file by this link(after download UNcompress):
1. Install the software using the administrator account Administrator
If you are not the administrator account, you will not be able to save pictures and videos to your computer.
Switching administrator account requires WIN7 WIN10 WIN11 professional enterprise system.
  • Windows logo key + R and type compmgmt.msc to open Computer Management.
  • Click "System Tools" - "Local Users and Groups" on the left side of the computer management interface.
  • Then find Administrator on the right side and double click to open it.
  • In the "Administrator Properties" window that opens, check the box "Password users never expire".
  • Remove the checkmark in front of "Accounts are disabled", click Apply and OK;
  • Click on the start menu, click on the user name, it will pop up "Administrator" administrator account, click to switch.
2. First unzip the installation package, click to install, the installation method directly click NEXT>NEXT>NEXT>Install
      After the installation is complete, connect the computer to the probe WIFI signal WIFI password for the probe shell            above the W beginning all lowercase password
3. To save videos and images, you need to click Save Patient Data so that the pictures and videos can be saved locally on your computer.
4. To view pictures and videos please find the following path :Computer - local disk (C:) - Program Files - WirelessUSG - WirelessUSG

First-Time Linking

Step 1:

In the WLAN list, select the WiFi ID whose last few characters/numbers are the same as the SN on the back of the probe.

Step 2:

Enter the connection password (on the back of the probe, the lower case SN is the password, for example, if the SN is WSPCDKC021, the password is wspcdkc021).

Please see the attached tutorial image.

how to use-Tri-scan Max -Portable ultrasound Scannerhow to use-Tri-scan Max -Portable ultrasound Scanner
If after completing the app download and entering the correct password, you still cannot connect the device to your phone or tablet (or cannot display images), please enable the location services on your phone or tablet. 

Once enabled, the device will be able to recognize the network, and you can use it normally.

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