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DRSONO LOGO Portable Ultrasound scanner

Precision and Safety in a Portable Ultrasound Tailored for Anesthesiologists

B-mode, M-mode, and Color Doppler Mode aid anesthesiologists in swiftly and precisely diagnosing every urgent medical situation.
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DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner (6)
Ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks are the most common ultrasound application used by anesthesiologists and are the gold standard for regional anesthesia.DRSONO portable ultrasound scanner allows anesthesiologists to perform regional anesthesia more accurately and expands the ability to block smaller nerves and nerves in more difficult anatomical locations.
1. Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia

2. Vascular Access

3. Airway Ultrasound

4. Surgical Risk Assessment

5. Real-time image guidance for any number of nerve injections and catheter placements
DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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