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DRSONO LOGO Portable Ultrasound scanner

Whether in hospitals or offices, DRSONO ensures convenient access to cardiologists

DRSONO's portable ultrasound offers dynamic heart images and captures exceptional visuals, aiding your physician in assessing your cardiac health effectively.
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DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner
Cardiac ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic tool enabling physicians to assess the heart's overall function and structural integrity.

DRSONO utilizes high-frequency sound waves to generate heart images. With an image frame rate of 18 f/s, physicians gain clearer visibility into the heart's chambers, valves, walls, and blood vessels.
The compact DRSONO ultrasound device boasts a pocket-friendly size, maintaining cleanliness with its wireless design. Its robust IPX7 waterproof rating facilitates quicker sterilization, aiding physicians in swift patient testing and evaluation.
DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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