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DRSONO LOGO Portable Ultrasound scanner

Fast, reliable diagnostic aids -  DRSONO Portable  Ultrasound Saves Every Critical Moment

Wherever you find yourself, when urgent situations arise, and clinics are busy, count on DRSONO to deliver reliable imaging.
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DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner (2)
Ultrasound has evolved into an essential aspect of Emergency Medicine, serving as a standard tool for clinical assessment in the ER. This valuable skill significantly influences patient outcomes in a positive manner.

Weighing just 250g, DRSONO conveniently fits into a doctor's pocket. Instantly switch between 15 presets with a simple button press and swiftly transition between linear, curved, and phased scanning modes by flipping the device. This ensures no time is lost, especially during emergency situations.

  ·Goal-directed echocardiography
  ·Echocardiography during cardiac arrest
  ·Thoracic ultrasonography
  ·Evaluation for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
  ·Screening abdominal ultrasonography
  ·Ultrasonography in trauma
  ·Guidance of procedures with ultrasonography.
DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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