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Drsono Ultrasound Scanner

Where Superior Imaging Meets Wireless Convenience

Easy-to-hold and easy-to-use, Drsono portable scanners utilize the latest, most advanced technology to quickly deliver crystal clear images for a wide variety of medical examinations.

Drsono Ultrasound Scanner

Why Choose Us

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    Quality You
    Can Trust

    Drsono has built a strong reputation for providing scanners that deliver the highest performance and reliability. That’s why they are now utilized in more than 100 countries and numerous medical fields. It’s also why they consistently receive rave reviews on social media and the Internet.

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    to Use

    Our wireless scanners deliver real-time crystal clear images to connected smartphones and tablets. There are also a wide variety of models to choose from to ensure you get a device that fits your needs and allows you to surpass customer expectations.

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    100% Money-back Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with the quality and imaging of the device, you can contact our after-sales team to obtain a return label within 30 days of your received of the device.


  • Do your ultrasound scanners work with Android devices?

    Yes, Drsono scanners work with Android as well as ios and Windows systems. Contact us if you need more information.

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  • Are Drsono scanners wireless?

    Yes, our scanners produce a Wi-Fi signal from a chip located inside the device. This means you can connect to other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, without an Internet connection. You will only need an Internet connection to download the app to operate the scanner. This convenience is why Drsono scanners are popular in both well-populated and remote locations that have limited Internet availability.

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  • Is there a warranty?

    Drsono ultrasound scanners come with a warranty that protects against any issues caused by the scanner itself during the first year after purchase.

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  • Does the scanner produce both images and video?

    Yes, with Drsono you can save images (jpg) and videos (avi, dicom) to Android, ios and Windows devices.

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  • What does the device element number refer to?

    All Drsono ultrasound scanners contain between 128 to 192 elements, which are crystal materials called piezoelectrics. These elements produce sound waves when an electric field is applied to them. The higher the element number, the higher the image quality produced by the device.

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  • Can Drsono ultrasound scanners be used on animals?

    Yes, if you are a veterinarian, Drsono scanners can be a great addition to your practice. They are carefully made to meet the highest standards for both human use as well as animal use. For more information, contact us.

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Nurses Love Drsono

"The Drsono ultrasound scanner is easy to use and it is also extremely reliable. We’ve had our scanner for over a year and there have been no technical errors or breakdowns to speak of. It has needed no repairs at all. It functions like new every single time we use it."



"Drsono has changed the game for our medical clinic. We no longer have to pay exorbitant pricing for large scanners because we can use the Drsono portable scanner and get even better imaging results! This device is definitely worth the money."



"We have found the Drsono scanner to be a great addition to our practice. While the imaging may not be quite the caliber of advanced (and very expensive) ultrasound scanners, it produces excellent images for the price and is fantastic for fast diagnosis."



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