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How Much Does an Ultrasound Machine Cost: Buyer’s Guide + 12 Examples

Charles M. Carlsen

Published April 23, 2024
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A one-price-fits-all answer is impossible when addressing the question, how much does an ultrasound machine cost?

The reason?

With the vast range of ultrasound machines available today, cost can be as wild as the options.

Overall, however, ultrasound machine prices can range from $2,699 for portable point-of-care models to $88,000+ for high-tier cart-based systems used in general and specialized care.

Since that can sound like an ocean-wide range of ultrasound price differences, this article will give you 12 real-life examples of how much is an ultrasound machine, and that depends on the price-determining factors discussed below.

What are the Factors That Influence the Prices of Ultrasound Machines

Influence the Prices of Ultrasound Machines
Several factors regulate how much you pay for an ultrasound machine. We explain below the four most significant ones.

1.System Type

An ultrasound machine system type refers to the medical service or context it’s made for. Ultrasound system types fall into three categories:
  • Point of care.
  • Shared service.
  • Specialized units.
Within each category, prices can vary depending on whether the machine is entry-level (low-tier), mid-range (mid-tier), or high-tier (premium).
Point-of-care ultrasound machines
Point-of-care ultrasound machines are the most cost-effective of the three types. You can buy one for as low as $2,699.

These portable machines allow medics to perform diagnostic ultrasounds at the patient’s location. You are also likely to find a point-of-care ultrasound machine at a doctor’s office, in an ambulance, or in a hospital emergency room.

Despite their size, they are a fast and accurate diagnostic tool.
DRSONO Portable Ultrasound blog Image---
Shared service ultrasound machines:
Price ranges for shared-service ultrasound machines vary from around $10,000 for entry-level systems designated for simple imaging tests to about $40,000 for high-tier ultrasound machines for complex procedures.

This category includes ultrasound machines designed for multiple hands and diverse healthcare settings.

The machines can withstand the busy routines in hospitals, imaging centers, and multi-specialty clinics. They are used across specialties such as radiology, OB/GYN, and cardiac and vascular imaging.
Shared service ultrasound machines-Ultrasound Machine cost
Specialized ultrasound machines:
Specialized ultrasound machines are high-investment machines worth thousands of dollars, >$40,000 to $88,000+.

These are ultrasound machines for specialized practice. They have customized software and hardware to produce the highest quality ultrasound images.

You’ll find specialized ultrasound machines in specialized clinics and as reserved medical equipment in designated hospital sections such as cardiology, oncology, obstetrics/gynecology, and urology.
Specialized ultrasound machines


Ultrasound machine brands and models that have been on the market for longer and have created a name of quality for years will cost more than newer models trying to make a name for themselves. Of course, that also comes with customer credibility in the model.

Market research by GlobalData suggests that such brands include GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers AG, Philips Healthcare, and Canon Medical Systems Corp in that order.(1)

Consider, for example, GE LOGIQ™ E10 by GE Healthcare, reviewed later in the article.
Newer brands and models will also cost more if they have the latest Smart features, such as 4D imaging, TEE probes, and Smart Apps, allowing exceptional features such as remote control and image sharing.

3.Age or Condition

It is indisputable that a new ultrasound machine will cost you more than a used or refurbished one.

New ultrasound machines arrive to the buyer straight from the manufacturer or distributor. You buy these machines at the current market price, with the manufacturer-set warranty period.

Market indicators suggest that new ultrasound machines can go for $40-000-$80,000+ depending on the model.

Refurbished ultrasound machines have undergone a complete makeover by professional technicians to bring their performance up to date with manufacturer standards and give them a deserved facelift.

The cost of a refurbished ultrasound machine will depend on how much work goes into renovating the machine. Often, the refurbished ultrasound equipment cost is between 50%-60% lower than the new one.(2)

Used ultrasound machines are passed from the first buyer to a second buyer as they are, which makes them the cheapest option of the three condition categories. It’s important to have the machine's condition evaluated to make sure you are buying it for what it’s worth.

It is worth mentioning the Demo ultrasound machines. These ultrasound machines have not been in the hands of a customer but are used for trade fairs and exhibitions, testing purposes, or training. In sum, they are almost new.

Their quality and cost lie between the new and refurbished machine categories. More precisely, you can buy a demo ultrasound machine for 30%-40% less than the new machines.


Ultrasound machines will need to be moved from one healthcare setting to another from time to time. This can be cumbersome if you have a large machine, and that also means a trolley as an efficiency accessory.

For the same reason, smaller handheld ultrasound machines that use simple tabletop stands are less costly than larger trolly-dependent ultrasound machines.

I’ll tell you more about the cost comparison between cart-based and point-of-care ultrasound machines in the designated sections later.

First though, here’s a pro tip on how to get value for your money when buying an ultrasound machine on a budget.

Pro Tip on How to Get the Best Ultrasound Machine for Your Budget

You can only buy an ultrasound machine worth the money you have. But that should never equate to getting the least value for your money.
Here’s a tip you can use to ensure you get the best value for the money you have:
Opt to buy a refurbished machine of a high-tier if you are looking for a new one from the mid-tier. For example, if you are looking for a new mid-tier ultrasound machine with a $45,000 budget, buy a refurbished high-tire ultrasound machine for the same amount.
This is a way of getting a more updated ultrasound machine model for the price of a lower model. Of course, you’ll need extensive research to ensure you get what you need while remaining within your budget.
It is also a way of owning the ultrasound you need now while you plan to upgrade.

What Other Costs Can You Expect After the Purchase

Once your ultrasound machine is in your office or at the healthcare facility or hospital, there are still additional costs that you might incur. These include:
Delivery and setup costs
Delivery costs cater to shipping and can be lower or higher depending on whether it is road or air transport.

You will incur setup costs if a technician visits your healthcare facility to configure your new ultrasound machine to online manufacturer resources and your healthcare data system.
These costs can run up to $2,000 on the higher end.

Before purchasing an ultrasound machine, inquire with the supplier or manufacturer about additional delivery and setup costs so that you know what to expect.
Application Training
Training your personnel in new ultrasound machine applications is a worthy investment. This can be in-person or remote training through access to online material or trainers.
Application training costs can range between $700-$3,000, depending on the training mode.
Maintenance and Warranty
We always think warranties are free. Often, however, they are part of the purchasing cost, and if not, they can become additional costs after purchasing equipment.

Some manufacturers will offer maintenance/service contracts(3) and labor warranties at an additional cost, usually 5 years.

Service contracts can be parts-only (not labor), time and material (overall yearly preventative maintenance), or full service (all servicing and maintenance). Costs for these options usually reach 10-15% of the ultrasound machine’s purchasing price.

So, if your new ultrasound is worth $60,000, maintenance and warranty costs may go up to $6,000-$9,000.
Efficiency Accessories
Ultrasound machines require some efficiency accessories needed to optimize their usage. These accessories come at an extra cost and include:
  • Ultrasound machine trolleys or table-top stands.
  • Ultrasound printers and thermal printing paper
  • Ultrasound gels.
  • TEE probes
The cost of these accessories will vary depending on quality and supplier. The price of consumables like ultrasound gel and printing papers will also depend on how fast you restock them.

With all the details on the factors affecting ultrasound machine price in mind, we can now find out exactly how much cart-based and point-of-care ultrasound machines cost and how their prices compare.

How Much Does a Cart-based Ultrasound Machine Cost?

Most cart-based ultrasound machines are pricey, with costs ranging between $10,000-$88,000+.

Cart-based ultrasound machines are imaging systems that require a cart to move around from one care setting to another.

Their need for a cart is in the fact that they have large consoles where you find the computer unit for image processing and presentation on a monitor.

These large ultrasound machines also house the traducer holder or holders for models that offer multiple probe options and a control panel for feeding instructions to the ultrasound during imaging.

Often, the ultrasound cart houses a built-in printer, traducer connection ports, and storage compartments for other accessories.

Manufacturers have improved the imaging technology of these conventional cart-based ultrasound machines over the years. As a result, they have cutting-edge efficiency features that give them multiple benefits, including their effectiveness over their counterpart point-of-care systems when used in specialized imaging.(4)

Because of all these factors, it is obvious that cart-based ultrasound machines are pricey. But exactly how costly are they?

Here are five examples to answer your question.

1. GE LOGIQ™ E10

GE LOGIQ™ E10-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $41,000-$81,000+ for used, refurbished, and new machines.
  • Produces next-generation image quality with cSound Architecture.
  • Smart Apps and AI tools enhance workflow speed and cover multiple diagnostic areas.
  • Remote Control and Photo Assistant operatable from your phone or tablet.
  • Power assistant battery for ultrasound scanning anywhere, anytime.
The GE LOGIQ™ E10 is arguably the most popular ultrasound machine on the market today. You have to send a price quote to the manufacturer if you want a personalized price offer or warranty and product return details.

However, any cost range for the GE LOGIQ E10 returns great value for your money, considering its advanced features, like Smart apps and AI tools.

Thanks to these features, you have enhanced workflow in busy healthcare environments, quick and precise imaging, and high-resolution images for accurate diagnoses.

Besides, you can use this ultrasound for multiple imaging needs, including general imaging, small body parts, cardiac, vascular, and obstetrics/gynecology.

2.Philips Epiq 7

Philips Epiq 7-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $27,000 - $88,000+ depending on machine age or condition.
  • iScan automatically optimizes ultrasound images for high-quality results.
  • Anatomical Intelligence converts images into diagnostic answers.
  • MaxVue supports multiple image display modes: biplane, dual, side-by-side, and scrolling.
  • PureWave imaging for enhanced ultrasound penetration in difficult patients.
  • xMatrix allows compatibility with every ultrasound probe mode: 2D, 3D/4D, color Doppler, Live xPlane, CPA, etc.
The list of innovative features for the Philips Eqip 7 is endless. So, if you want the most innovative shared-service ultrasound machine, this one is what you are looking for.

Philips Eqip 7 ultrasound machine’s touch interface optimizes navigation and reduces scan time. Plus, its portability on rough carpet or smooth tile surfaces makes it the ultrasound scan machine for all medical settings.

The patient will love how quiet this ultrasound machine can be. With only a noise level of 37-41 decibels, Philips Equip 7 has the dead silence of a library(5), making it perfect even for small offices or hospital scanning rooms.

3.Mindray DC-40

Mindray DC-40-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $10,000-$37,000+ depending on machine age. (Used ultrasound machine price can go lower).
  • Wide range of imaging tools in urology, 4D women care, thyroid, vascular, etc.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use.
  • Full HD: Unprecedented image definition for precise diagnosis.
  • iScanHelper educational tool, with useful tips on scanning.
Never has an ultrasound machine been so cost-effective while providing a super-wide range of advanced technology features.

With its price range, the Mindray DC-40 ultrasound machine delivers the highest level of image quality with iClear speckle reduction, iBeam special compounding, and Phase Shift Harmonic scanning.

The model’s vast range of applications provides answers for your imaging needs and all patient categories.

4.Canon Aplio 500 Platinum Series

Canon Aplio 500 Platinum Series-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $11,000-$45,000 depending on machine condition (Used, refurbished or new)
  • Luminance technique for natural photographic image impression and quality.
  • Wide range of advanced tools for every area of specialty, including cancer screening and micro-vascular imaging.
  • Fully customizable control panel to fit your clinical setting.
Canon Aplio 5000 Platinum Series provides a complete set of advanced tools with the highest level of diagnostic imaging, including MicroPure™. This tool marks possible malignant calcifications as white spots, while the Biopsy Enhancement Auto Mode (BEAM) guides needles in biopsy procedures.

The machine’s FlyThru tool produces 3D images of masses and lesions in ducts and cavities, similar to endoscopy technology.

5.Samsung RS85 Prestige

Samsung RS85 Prestige-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: Around $65,735 (Can go up or down with machine age).
  • Crystal Architecture for high-quality crystal-clear images.
  • ShadowHDR™ tool focuses on shadow areas with low and high-frequency ultrasound waves.
  • The PureVision tool suppresses speckle noise and enhances edges on B-mode.
  • Vast range of specialized imaging in the liver, breast, thyroid, prostate, and renal assessment.
  • 12-month warranty and a range of customer support services.
Samsung RS85 Prestige is true to the household manufacturer name with its autocalibration feature that supports simple diagnostics and complex biopsy procedures.

Other features like S-Tracking increase accuracy during interventional procedures by providing a simulated needle path and target mark within the live ultrasound image.

Samsung RS85 Prestige uses the latest IT to ensure cybersecurity and promote ultrasound system remote control, real-time image sharing, and professional discussions.

How Much Does a Portable Scanner (Point-of-care) Cost?

Point-of-care scanner costs average around $2,700-$6,000.

Although they are smaller and best suited for less demanding healthcare settings, point-of-care ultrasound scanners are proving their reliability as viable emergency scanning solutions with similar accuracy to their cart-based counterparts.(6)

These 7 examples will show you that portable point-of-care ultrasound scanners are affordable ultrasound machine options with high-quality imaging. Besides, most of them have multiple imaging modes and are user-friendly.

1.DRSONO Tri-scan Max

DRSONO Portable Ultrasound Scanner Banner Image
  • Cost: $3,599  (With 12-month warranty)
  • Free APP
  • Choose between 3 probe modes (linear, curved, or phased) and 5 imaging modes.
  • Optimal HD imaging with 192 elements.
  • Use with Android, iOS, or Windows.
  • Portable and 100% wireless.
  • Waterproof and safe to clean.
The price of the handheld DRSONO Tri-scan Max is one of the most affordable portable ultrasound machine costs you’ll find in the market. Consider that you don’t need a wired connection to charge this machine, you simply place it on a wireless charger and enjoy 5 hours of scanning when charged.

Turn the DRSONO Tri-scan from one end to the other to swap between the three scanning modes.

And the imaging?

Beyond HD, with 192 piezoelectric latest AI tools.

Also, enjoy an endless list of exam types, including general imaging, cardiac, breast, thyroid, vascular, and OB/GYN. Plus, you have free access to the application and interactive image and note-sharing with colleagues straight from your gadget.

2.Butterfly iQ+

Butterfly iQ+-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $2,699 for a single probe + $420 annual membership fee (May vary with buyer location).
  • A single handheld probe for whole-body imaging.
  • Use with a smartphone or tablet and scan in seconds.
  • Choose your preferred membership from 4 options.
  • Full access to video tutorials and courses from the Butterfly Academy.
The Butterly iQ+ scanner offers a range of imaging options in equally vast application settings, including emergency medicine, anesthesiology, cardiology, and MSK.

This small tool also possesses advanced tools to guide complex diagnostic procedures with biplane views and needle visualization on a gadget screen.

Moreover, their Teleguidance™ tool allows you to work collaboratively with colleagues and share images remotely.

3.Vscan Air™ CL

Vscan Air™ CL -Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: Starting at $4,855 with a 3-year warranty.
  • One device with a value of two for its linear and curved probe modes.
  • Handheld, with maximum portability and wireless connectivity.
  • Completely cordless.
  • Works with Android™ and Apple® devices to deliver crystal clear images on your screen.
Vscan Air™ CL is another of GE Healthcare's Smart ultrasound machines, but this time, it is perfect for the point-of-care setting.

With its linear and curved transducer modes, you can perform quality imaging in a range of applications, including abdominal, vascular, lungs, MSK, and obstetrics.

Although Vscan Air’s battery charge is short-lived, with only 50 minutes of scanning time, its other features make up for it. In fact, a study rated Vscan Air as the best point-of-care ultrasound machine in ease of use.(7)

The patented SignalMax™ tool produces quality images with high-intensity signal processing, proving to the medical world that you don’t have to sacrifice quality when using a handheld ultrasound machine.

4.Philips Lumify L12-4

Philips Lumify L12-4-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $6,000 sale, down from $9,500 at the time of writing. 30-day return policy with 70% refund.
  • Handheld and portable.
  • Linear probe mode only.
  • USB-C connection to the phone.
  • Top-quality imaging.
Philips Lumify L12-4 is the renowned manufacturer’s version of a handheld portable ultrasound machine.

The linear-probing ultrasound scanner is made for shallow imaging of the soft, vascular, musculoskeletal, superficial, and lung tissues. This makes it a great option for private practice offices and hospital emergency rooms.

5.Clarius PAL HD3

Clarius PAL HD3-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $5,395(80% saving compared to the compact option).
  • AI-powered, with 192 piezoelectric elements for clear images and accurate diagnosis.
  • Swap between linear and phased probes on the same side of the device with a single click.
  • Advanced needle imaging, guiding in IV access and biopsy procedures, among others.
  • Rated IP67 for waterproof features and allowing safe disinfection.
  • Secure Cloud or DICOM record storage.
With no wires and cumbersome trolleys, the Clarius PAL HD3 ultrasound creates an interactive scanning experience between provider and patient.

Expect superior image quality with the HD3 in diverse scanning areas, including vascular, cardiac, abdomen, and prostate.

6.SonoMe H10L

SonoMe H10L -Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • $3,113 discounted price from $4,199 at the time of writing. Sold only to licensed physicians with a 1-year warranty.
  • Day 1 or 2 shipping after making the order.
  • 192 elements for high image quality.
  • Linear probing with 5 scanning modes.
  • USB charging, with 2.5-5 hours battery life.
The SonoMe H10L is an easy-to-use handheld ultrasound scanner that you simply connect to your gadget and attend to your patients without any activation or subscription fee.
Perfect as a point-of-care ultrasound scanner, enhancing your clinic’s workflow and patient satisfaction.


SIFULTRAS-3.35-Ultrasound Machine Cost
  • Cost: $4,995 discounted price from $6,000 at the time of writing.1-year warranty.
  • Compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows software systems.
  • IP68 waterproof, enabling safe sterilization.
  • Carry it anywhere, and work and charge spontaneously, with 4 hours of scanning when fully charged.
The SIFULTRAS-3.35 is a medic’s valuable asset in situations requiring the rapid assessment of patients needing emergency care, and the management of those in critical care.

With its speed, accuracy, and portability features, the SIFULTRAS ultrasound scanner is an asset any healthcare professional will want in their hands when an emergency diagnosis is a lifesaver.

Such situations entail detecting fluid buildup in the chest or abdomen that requires immediate drainage and guiding the placement of arterial catheters in critically ill patients.

Final Thoughts

What is the cost of ultrasound machines? It all depends on a range of factors, especially the system type; whether they are low, mid, or high-tier ultrasound machines.

Ultrasound machine cost also varies by model, portability, and condition (used, refurbished, or new).

The examples in this article confirm that high-tier and new ultrasound machines cost more than low/mid-tier and used and refurbished machines.

Besides, cart-based ultrasound machines are large and use more advanced technologies, making them pricier than the portable point-of-care models.


1. GlobalData. Ultrasound Systems Market Size by Segments, Share, Regulatory, Reimbursement, Installed Base and Forecast to 2033

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