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Benefits of Portable Ultrasound Scanner and Its Effect on the world of Healthcare 

The majority of us have had the opportunity of ultrasound diagnoses, either first-hand or second-hand, whether at a clinic or a large medical facility. While ultrasound is generally believed to be a tool for monitoring fetuses, it has many other applications. It aids in detecting minor and major ailments and the monitoring and treatment of severe medical conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Given its numerous applications, no healthcare discipline may have been left untouched by ultrasound today.

While ultrasound has been used as a diagnostic tool since the mid-twentieth century, the technology has advanced significantly, resulting in portable and growingly miniaturized ultrasound machines.

Portable medical equipment, which is more accessible and less expensive than standard ultrasounds, has brought ultrasound imaging to whichever patient is located, allowing doctors to diagnose patients more quickly and with greater ease and convenience. Portability has also expanded the reach of medical care to the most remote parts of the world and the most physically restricted spaces that cannot accommodate full-size equipment.

Portable ultrasound equipment has numerous benefits that have benefited both patients and doctors. If you're not sure whether you should buy a handheld ultrasound for your health centre or facility, keep reading to learn how it can help your practice.

What does ultrasound scanner do?

Ultrasound machines produce two-dimensional pictures of tissues and organs by directing ultrasonic waves into the body. A portable hand-held transducer is applied directly to the skin; this transducer sends out the ultrasonic wave and receives echoes back. The echoes generate electrical signals, and the ultrasound machine uses the sound speed. The time it takes for every echo to return to the transducer to start developing an image of the area being examined.

Depending on the setting, patients usually lie on an exam table or bed during an inspection with portable ultrasound. A water-based gel is applied directly to the skin, allowing the transducer to easily slide and eliminate air pockets that could interfere with the sounds it transmits into the body. Portable ultrasounds are noninvasive, painless, and do not use ionizing radiation.

The market for wireless ultrasound portable Scanner

The Wireless Ultrasound System market was worth 5.45 billion USD in 2017, and it is anticipated to achieve USD 7.04 billion by 2026, with a growth rate of 2.89 %.

An ultrasound scanner and A wireless ultrasound probe is combined to form a wireless ultrasonic system. The ultrasound scanner includes a near field interaction reader to generate a near field connectivity activation field. The wireless ultrasound probe consists of a compact field communication device capable of transmitting pairing information to the scanner using a near field communication protocol.

Continuous advancements in semiconductor technology and the advancement of innovative digital beamforming techniques have stimulated the growth of the Wireless Ultrasound System. Hand-carried devices are now commonly used in medical fields such as diagnostic imaging and cardiology.

Compromises must be made to reduce power consumption while maintaining acceptable image quality. Numerous system-level methods for the receiver's AFE and FSB have been studied using simulations to determine the impact of design decisions on the standard of the B-mode image.

An image is presented under the following headings in Wireless Ultrasound System. The image quality obtained is comparable to cutting-edge healthcare ultrasound imaging systems. A typical beamformed signal comprises a small number of powerful reflections and weaker scattered echoes and thus follows the stream of pulses model.

 A mini ultrasonic imaging system prototype that fits into the palm of our hand has been devised in response to a growing interest in an affordable, portable, and comprehensive point-of-care diagnostic tool. 

The new Wireless Ultrasound System technology presents a new, energy-efficient high-voltage transmitter structure and circuit techniques that enable on-chip high-voltage generation with a single 1.8 V battery.

Several medical applications have been significantly altered due to the extreme miniaturization of an ultrasonic imager.

With a market share of approximately 29.4 per cent, North America dominates the market. Technological advancement, combined with increased health awareness, is propelling the North America Wireless Ultrasound System Market rapidly. Europe is expected to grow smoothly over the forecasted period. Because of the large population and rising living standards, many Wireless Ultrasound System manufacturers are establishing plants in Asia. Wireless Ultrasound systems will also increase significantly in the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

Benefits of using wireless ultrasound portable scanner

Ultrasound devices are a regular part of the medical profession, routinely used to take a peek inside the body's most vital tissues and structures. Previously, technicians had to sift through granular resolutions and significant artefacts to obtain a clear image, but modern ultrasound machines have stable and sustainable image quality and processing speed. However, one major disadvantage of such robust ultrasound machines is their bulky size.

The Versatility of Portable Ultrasound Devices

Portable ultrasound devices have always been versatile enough to be used throughout a health facility and in various medical fields. Almost any ward that already uses ultrasound technology could profit from integrating portable ultrasound into their approach. Consider the field of cardiology. Mobile ultrasound solutions like Dr Sono, according to the European Association of Echocardiography, can be used to:

Speedy physical examinations and regular monitoring.

Quick identification of problem due to emergency.

Enhance as well as complement cardiac counselling.

Contribute to the educational curriculum of aspiring medical professionals.

The Dr Sono ultrasound solution includes four imaging presets. They are cardiac, lungs, obstetrics and abdominal. Users can control the brightness of the imaging, and the images produced by our handheld device are of high quality.

A skyrocketing efficiency 

Most healthcare experts are familiar with the difficulties that can arise from staff shortages and patient overcrowding. There are days when "delay" appears to be an unavoidable part of the process — there are only so many people who can be seen, so many problems that can be addressed, and so many ultrasound demands that can be processed. ‌

When you refer someone for imaging, you leave the physician and their reasoning process alone for a while. A sonographer obtains the image, interprets it by a radiologist or cardiologist, and returns to the clinician with a report. Depending on the location, this may or may not include much clinical history alongside the discussion of the results of differential diagnosis. ‌

Making healthcare more affordable to general people

Even minor improvements to a health clinic's efficiency and affordability are worthwhile. Portable ultrasound products can boost clinical efficiency while lowering overall costs. Fast imaging also improves the quality of care, leading to higher-quality healthcare services overall.

Portable ultrasound solutions may also improve patient engagement in their healthcare, and a patient's willingness to assist in their care is a critical component of their success. Patients may be more likely to discuss their care and prognosis if they have a clear visual representation of their condition. Portable ultrasound devices, such as Dr Sono, can provide you with this flexibility and more. ‌

Improving Quality of Care

When portable ultrasound devices are used, the hope is that healthcare will become leaner, more valuable, all at the same time. These advantages are passed on to both medical professionals and patients. Portable ultrasound devices may be small, but improving healthcare workers' ability to focus, appropriately diagnose, and refer patients promptly is not.

Dr Sono was created to streamline patient flow. It is possible to view its images on a smartphone or a computer terminal and then quickly wash and sanitize the probe for the next patient. Its lithium battery provides more than an hour of constant imaging, allowing medical practitioners to keep offering the care their patients require. ‌

Reasons to Buy

Medical professionals looking for an app-based handheld ultrasound system have many options. Whether using an Apple or an Android device, you can select from various options based on your budget, speciality, and image quality needs.

Your options are significantly reduced when you want a cordless pocket ultrasound system. Below we have prepared a list of reasons for getting more customers for drSono in the ultrasound market.

1. No need to be concerned about changing or disappearing ports on intelligent devices.

Dr Sono connects to most iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and works with an app. You never have to be concerned with the consequences of modifying your smart device. With Dr Sono, you can be the first in line when Apple releases its first phone without connecting! 

2. Simple infection control because there are no wires to clean. 

Because they are small and easy to disinfect, handheld ultrasound systems grew popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Sono can be wrapped in a sterilized bag to prevent infection because there are no cables to worry about. Dr Sono can also be wrapped in an airtight plastic bag if resources are limited, including a Ziploc. Just keep the gel in the pouch in mind before sealing.

3. A clear image of procedures that allow for unrestricted movement.

Dr Sono has no trouble manoeuvring around wires while performing delicate procedures. Even though Dr Sono is more significant than a standard transducer, our customers have reported that the lack of a wire makes it a lot easier to manoeuvre.

4. A rechargeable, removable battery power it.

Dr Sono does not rely on the power of your smart device. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts about an hour and takes 90 minutes to charge. The batteries are detachable, allowing you to use additional batteries as backup power, effectively eliminating downtime.

5. Instantly share ultrasound scanning across multiple devices.

A wire can only attach to one device at a time. Ultrasound exams performed with your Dr Sono scanner can be cast in real-time to multiple smart devices on a single network for instructional and infection control purposes. The signal from a Dr Sono scanner is strong enough to pass through most hurdles, thanks to 5GHz Wi-Fi technology.

6. Take your ultrasound scanner with you wherever you go.

Many handheld ultrasonic systems are compact enough to carry in the pocket of a coat. However, the absence of wires makes the Dr Sono system even more efficient and portable from patient to patient. You will also avoid problems caused by damaged cords.

7. Give More Time for Patients

Patients value time, whether because they do not want to wait or because they have a medical condition that requires immediate treatment. You don't have to worry about making patients wait for an ultrasound machine when you have a portable ultrasound machine.

A machine's portability, such as Dr Sono's rental sales ultrasound machine

No matter which room a patient is in or how congested the facility is at any given time. The ability to decrease the patient's amount of time at your health centre or the amount of time he must stand in line for a proper diagnosis comes with portability.

The Bottom Line

Ultrasound technology advancements have resulted in improvements in portable ultrasound equipment. As a result, portable ultrasounds can now provide high-quality imaging previously limited to bulkier devices. Furthermore, ultrasound machines are shrinking in size, from laptop-based ultrasound machines to various handheld scanners.

Portable ultrasounds have advanced image quality for high-contrast resolution and image optimization and can be used for 2D, 3D, or 4D imaging. Furthermore, they offer a full range of functions and designs that simplify and optimize workflow, improving ease of operation and speed. They also have a colour display and power batteries for extended and uninterrupted use.

Furthermore, these machines are straightforward and can transfer images from one device to another. These typically include a set of transducers and measurement and reporting software.

As a result, portable medical equipment is just as powerful as its bulkier counterparts and can be an excellent investment for your practice. If you want to add a portable ultrasound machine to your clinic or replace an existing one, look through Dr Sono's extensive selection of portable ultrasound machines, including Mindray's M8 Elite and GE's Logiq V2. All major manufacturers' trolley-based and portable ultrasounds are available from us.

Although ultrasound technology is an essential element of care in advanced health centres, performing the correct visualization quickly with easy-to-read results remains a challenge. Portable ultrasound devices, such as Dr Sono, can overcome this challenge by providing medical professionals with the diagnostic tools they require fitting in their pockets. ‌