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handheld ultrasound device
handheld ultrasound machine
handheld ultrasound unit
handheld ultrasound system
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Handheld Ultrasound Machine

CPL Dual Head Premium

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We got you 3 in 1 handheld ultrasound scanner with all the features available. You are reading right.  One device with convex, linear, and phased array scan mode.This device is cost-friendly,  user-friendly and compatible with our regular smartphones and tablets.This is the best versatile device in the market.



CE certification

 1 Years  Warranty

 Free   Shipping


Scan mode Electronic array
Elements 192
Frequency Convex 3.5-5 // Linear 7.5-10
Definition Super clear
Display mode B, B/M, Color, PW ,PDI
Scan Depth Convex:90-305//Linear:20-100
Battery working time 3-5h
Weight  8.8 oz | 250 g
Image frame rate 18 f/s 
Head length | Radius Convex:60mm//Linear:40mm
Scanning Angle Convex:50°//Phased Array:80°
Image Save jpg, avi and DICOM
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CPL Dual Head Premium

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  • Do I need to use gel with your handheld ultrasound machine?

    Yes, you will need to apply ultrasound gel to the scan site. Because ultrasound sound waves are difficult to propagate through the air, ultrasound gel reduces the air between the patient and the handheld ultrasound machine to reduce acoustic impedance and reflections, allowing for clear images.

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  • Does Dr.Sono offer a return policy?

    We’re confident that you’ll love our handheld ultrasound machine. With that in mind, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If within 30 days of receiving your device, you determine it does not meet your needs, we’d be happy to accept the return of your device for a refund. But, please ensure that the device is in good condition when you submit a return request and will not affect resale.

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  • Are your products certified?

    Yes, they have all of the following certifications: CE, ISO and FDA.

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  • How good is the image quality created by Drsono handheld ultrasound probes?

    The quality is excellent – comparable to the image quality produced by high-grade ultrasound machines. What separates our handheld ultrasound scanners from others in the marketplace is that they contain a higher number of elements and also offer more modalities and more versatility than other models in our price range. Our devices are also extensively tested before delivery to ensure the highest quality.

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Small and Easy to Carry

Small, it is practical to hold / scan and to store in a pocket.

Remote Training and Guidance

Intelligent, easy to realize graphic transmission and remote consultation.

Wireless Flexibility

Internal built-in Wi-Fi signal allows ultrasound scanning anytime, anywhere.

Waterproof and Safe

Full body waterproof design,Efficient disinfection,Avoid cross-contamination.

Premium Image Quality

High level image quality because of advanced imaging technology.

Full-Body Scanning Exam

Equipped with three scanning modes at the same time, the powerful expansion function is suitable for different applications. Simply flip the probe to switch from superficial to deep examination.

No Hidden Fees

One-time purchase without any additional subscription or membership fees.Software is free through life-cycle.Unlimited users.

Highly Cost-Effective

Less costly than purchasing three separate handheld ultrasound devices, one device integrates three scanning modes:Convex, Linear and Phased Array.

Easy To Measure

Easily identify anomalies and get length, angle, area and trace measurements instantly.

Check Images on Your Phone

Freeze the moment you want on the screen and Save images or clips to your smartphone or tablet's photo library to more easily share diagnoses with colleagues.

More Features



1 Years Warranty

Reliable Quality


What is in the box

  • CPL Dual-head Premium
  • Charging Cable
  • Strap
  • Quick User Guide
  • Warranty Card


One of the best things about the Drsono ultrasound scanner is that there are no wires to get in the way. This device is so easy to use and it delivers images in real time to a smartphone or tablet – this makes things much easier for both our staff and for patients. We honestly didn’t know what to expect when ordering this device but we are very pleased with the results we have received.


The Drsono ultrasound scanner is an affordable device that consistently delivers excellent results. When we need fast imaging we now turn to our Drsono scanner.


Every time I use our Drsono scanner I’m impressed by two things: 1) how easy and convenient it is to use. It is light and very easy to hold, this makes getting it into position very easy. And 2), I’m also always amazed at the crisp, detailed images it produces. This is a great medical device.


I have one word for the Drsono ultrasound scanner – “amazing.” It’s perfect in just about every way – from the small size to the light weight to the clear images it provides.