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Quality Control at Dr.Sono

Committed to Delivering the Highest Quality

Meet With Certification Requirements

At Dr.sono, we are dedicated to selling wireless ultrasound probes that can be counted on to deliver the highest quality and performance.

That’s why we probe use only the best raw materials and the most up-to-date algorithms and technical specs. It’s also why we have created a Quality Control Department that works closely with Manufacturing Department to ensure that each and every device that we sell meets our exacting standards.

From assembly to testing to packaging and shipping, our Quality Control personnel are deeply involved in the production of every single device that leaves facility.

And nothing is shipped without the Quality Control Department’s stamp of approval. That’s why you can count on our devices meeting all certification requirements, including **CE, ISO and FDA**.

Precise Quality Control

You can also rest assured that each device is extensively tested before delivery to you. We always take the extra step to ensure our wireless probes and scanners are safe … as well as great at what they were designed to do.

In fact, when you order from Dr.Sono you are guaranteeing that you receive “the best of the best” – a product that features only the finest raw materials and that has also been carefully inspected to ensure it performs optimally.

Dr.Sono devices utilize the most advanced digital technology and hardware to deliver both ease of use and clear images.

The best of the best

Better quality for all your devices and your safety.

The devices are also highly reliable. They are designed and built to deliver consistent high-quality imaging over extended usage. Probes and scanners sell by other companies often degrade and deliver poorer quality images with continual use – but that is not the case with devices selled by Dr.Sono.

Better display quality

Consistent high-quality imaging over extended usage

Quality construction ensures our devices continue to function like new. Each time you produce an image it will be like the device is being used for the very first time.

That’s the kind of quality you can expect with Dr.Sono. We extensively inspect each device before packaging to ensure high performance and safety requirement compliance when it reaches you and is put to use.

Function like new

That’s the kind of quality you can expect with Drsono.