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1. Can you buy a baby scan machine?

Ultrasound technology has progressed so much that it is possible to purchase a portable ultrasound scanner or even an ultrasound probe that wirelessly connects to your phone and allows you to perform all sorts of ultrasound scans, such as pregnancy scans and abdominal scans and scans for the heart.

2. What is a portable ultrasound device?
CPL dual-head premium is a wireless handheld ultrasound system that enables whole-body scanning. It delivers crystal-clear images in a pocket-sized, dual-probe solution.

3. What is a handheld ultrasound called?
A handheld ultrasound machine is a point-of-care ultrasound that broadcasts ultrasound images to a display tablet or cell phone.

4. What is the difference between ultrasound and sonography?
The difference between sonogram and ultrasound

An ultrasound is a device that uses sound waves to create a picture. An ultrasound generates a sonogram, which is a picture. Using an ultrasound tool for diagnostic purposes is known as sonography.

5. Are mobile ultrasounds accurate?
Portable ultrasound is usually consistent with high-end ultrasound systems. In other words, portable ultrasound is accurate in most cases. This is good news for many providers and hospitals that have begun using portable ultrasound for diagnostic purposes.

6. Can I do an ultrasound with my phone?
You can use the "wirelessUSG" App on your iPhone or Android phone to examine images from your ultrasound scans at The Ultrasound Clinic. You may effortlessly share your photos with family and friends via social media, instant messaging, and email or simply save them to a safe location.

7. What is a linear ultrasound probe?
A linear probe uses high-frequency ultrasound to create high-resolution images of structures near the body surface. This makes the ultrasound probe ideal for vascular imaging and specific procedures.

8. Does ultrasound have any risks?
Ultrasound is safe for you. Ultrasound is safer than X-rays since it employs sound waves instead of radiation. Healthcare providers have utilized ultrasound for more than 30 years, and no dangerous effects have been discovered.

9. What are the uses of portable ultrasound machines?
Portable ultrasound machines are currently used in cardiac, vascular, radiology, endocrinology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, obstetrics, and gynecology applications.