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Dr.Sono is constant friend for selling your most needed latest medical devices.

We provide you with the best and up-to-date medical equipment that science has offered. We are a family that has expertise in both the sell and application fields. We are blessed with both innovative and experienced manpower. But that's not all.


Dr.Sono is not afraid of handling independent creativity. We welcome new ideas and innovative features. The comfort of the user is our first and foremost priority. Our innovations are always cost-effective and user-friendly. Our selling product has already obtained patents and copyrights on dozens of new technologies.

We are the best in the market. But we don't like to brag about that. We just want to constantly dedicate ourselves to the field of science and public satisfaction. We promise ourselves to do so every day so our consumers can have the best experience with their medical devices.

We care about you. Yes, I am talking about you, our esteemed customer. We bring the best from our employees so you can have an excellent experience with our devices.

Whether you are a practitioner or a patient, our devices are always easy to handle because we listen to you. And we promise you to constantly evolve and deliver the same effort for the benefit of society.




We have a simple mission actually. We are committed to making our medical devices the best and cheap. Growing up, we all faced the hard reality of costly medical care.

Dr.Sono wishes to change that scenario. And we are always ready to give our 120% to make the dream of cheap medical care a reality.I know it's a long shot but all our employees work hard for this. That is why we are so keen on new technology. Technology is the key to making cheap and efficient products. And technology evolves where an open mind is our mission.Dr.Sono provides a heavenly work environment for its employees. Innovation occurs where innovation is appreciated.That is why we face no problem dealing with new ideas. New ideas bring new possibilities.

And these possibilities bring us one more step closer to achieving our dream. Together we will see a new future where medical devices are not rocket science anymore.


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Covered more than 100 countries

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Couple of R&D centers

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30,000+ units globally

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Many Series Ultrasound Probe