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Top 5 Ultrasound Machines For Home Use

Ultrasound machine now available at home. Can you believe it? You don’t need to rush to your hospital for a bit of scanning. Today we are living in the age of technology. Technology has made our life more accessible than ever. This is another example of it. A home ultrasound machine has brought a revolution into modern medical science.

So, you are maybe thinking of buying one for your home. But there are thousands of machines all around. It is challenging for you to choose from them. Before you invest your money in something, you must learn about it.

You need to know properly about the process and the science behind it. Today everything is available on the internet if you are a little bit smart you can do an ultrasound scanning in your own bedroom without any problem.

You read about those in my other article about ultrasound technology. Now I am presenting you some best options for you to consider for your home use and how to buy your very own ultrasound machine.

Let’s begin our list.

1.Clarius L7 HD3

Clarius L7 HD3 image

Clarius is a big name in the ultrasound scanning industry. Clarius has proved them over and over in their respective field. Their L7 HD3 design is one of the best inventions. This ultrasound scanner works fantastic for home and professional use. This device is multifunctional. Whether you want to diagnose your abdomen or lungs, you can always rely on L7 HD3.

Like all other scanners on the list, this one is also a market leader. You can never regret buying a L7 HD3.

Medical professionals also like the Clarius L7 HD3 multifunctional scanner's mobility, ease of use, and high-definition imaging for full-body imaging up to 40 cm. AI, tailored presets, and customized processes optimize photography automatically for a smooth experience.

L7 HD3 provides a consistent connection. Cleaning and disinfecting are simple and quick without cables.

It has one of the best-in-class imaging provided via artificial intelligence, 8 beamformers, and 192 piezoelectric components.

With limitless Clarius Cloud storage, you can manage your examinations and create reports from anywhere, at any time.

Clarius HD3 is ideal for tiny places and fits in your pocket. Take it with you everywhere you go!

It offers friendly AI-powered software for Apple or Android that automatically offers the greatest images.

Clarius also provides fast imaging specialization with customized settings and workflows Providing the greatest experience in your field.

Clarius is definitely a brand you can trust but it has some drawbacks too. The battery life of clarius is a matter of great concern. It can scan for less than an hour. Many other devices at this price will give you much better scanning time. But if you are looking for brand value you can go for clarius.

2.Butterfly iQ+

butterflynetwork iQ+ Image

The battery-operated, user-friendly Butterfly iQ+ ultrasound machine is linked with a readily available commercial mobile platform. The system's next-generation, proprietary Ultrasound-on-ChipTM semiconductor technology enables high-resolution observations of the borders and flow dynamics of the cardiac myocardium.

The Butterfly iQ+ system consists of three parts: a probe that enables connection with the mobile device to produce and receive ultrasonic signals, compatible Apple® or Android® mobile devices, and the Butterfly iQ application on the compatible device.

The device can operate in B-Mode, B-Mode + M-Mode, B-Mode + Colour Doppler, and B-Mode + Power Doppler, among other modes.

Modern Needle VizTM technology gives medical practitioners more control over needles, boosting accuracy in dual-imaging mode and allowing for more intricate in-plane guided treatments.

So, if you are thinking of buying a home ultrasound machine you definitely should give butterfly IQ+ a chance. It may not be the best but I can be good enough to fulfill your requirement.


 SIFULTRAS-5.28 image

By enabling quicker and more precise patient diagnosis and treatment, the Color Doppler WiFi Convex Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.28, which runs at a frequency between 2 and 5 MHz, changed the industry. The Color Convex Ultrasound SIFULTRAS-5.28 is one of the most widely used and affordably priced imaging modalities. The SIFULTRAS-5.28 Color Doppler WiFi Convex Ultrasound Scanner has 128 elements, a B-mode frequency with five customizable levels, a Doppler frequency range of 2 to 5 MHz, and 128 / 256 scan lines, which allow for multiple displays.

The Color Doppler ultrasound scanner is portable, intelligent, and easy to use. The specialized software offers exceptional picture quality and excellent quality control. Providing a complete clinical solution also has increased processing capacity. Along with the more straightforward preset operation, 32/64 physical channels, a self-developed algorithmic platform, and 32 per-point emission and focus, this product also offers you 32 per-point emission and focus. Not to mention its wireless Internet connection, education, and remote diagnostics.

The Convex Ultrasound Probe SIFULTRAS-5.28 is compatible with Android and has innovative capabilities that interact with your tablet. The clinical value of our colour Doppler SIFULTRAS is increased, and it can enhance good patient care.

Numerous clinicians can utilize this device, including hepatologists who can quickly scan the liver, nephrologists who can quickly scan the kidney, and gynecologists who can quickly scan the uterus or the head of the fetus.

4.DrSono 5C pro

5c pro pocket ultrasound machine image

In this modern era of medical technology, DrSono is the name of amazement. Every Dr Sono product occasionally dominates the market. I'm referring to another iPhone ultrasound scanner that you really must have.

Our tool is inexpensive and offers outcomes comparable to the top on this list.

First, let's discuss battery life. For three to five hours, the battery lasts. You may thus expect a great scanning time from this gadget.

If I were to mention any negatives, I would mention the weight. Its 230 gram weight makes it slightly heavier than the other portable gadgets on this list.

Due to its thoughtful weight distribution, even though it weighs 230g, it is lightweight and portable.

iPhone compatibility is excellent. This gadget has a frame rate of 19 frames per second, which is outstanding.

iPhone compatibility is excellent. This gadget has a frame rate of 19 frames per second, which is outstanding.

DrSono offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the outcome, which is quite improbable given that it produces images of the highest caliber.

So, if you want an iPhone ultrasound scanner for a very low cost, I suggest giving it a shot.

If you don't believe this is the finest iPhone ultrasound scanner for you, you'll undoubtedly prefer the following one.


portable ultrasound machine image

Now I am talking about the best scanner of them all. This portable ultrasound scanner will give you the most awesome experience of all the other probes mentioned above.

DrSono has been proudly making ultrasound scanners for a long time, and they are now giving the best deals around.

This ultrasound scanner has the best multifunctional properties. It has a dual head which already denotes its uses. These dual-head probes are being used for different purposes.

You can use this ultrasound scanner for all convex, linear and phased array functions.

You cannot find a more versatile scanner than this one.

It's like buying one probe and getting the work done of three. So, you can say this is extremely cost-friendly considering the vast amount of work it does.

CPL dual-head premium will beat every ultrasound scanner in its class.

How to choose the best ultrasound scanner?

Congratulations, you have the budget and are now ready to purchase an ultrasound machine. Your mind is flooded with questions. The possibilities are endless. You may be someone who has been asked to get the project completed, but you are not living in the ultrasound world. If you are an administrator or even an engineer, this will be a big help. If you are a home user, this will assist you in making this purchase.

Let us first discuss the manufacturer you could select. There are so many available these days. DrSono, Viatom, Clarius, and Butterfly are a few examples. These are referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturers. If you want to buy directly from the manufacturer, your pricing will be higher, but you will have access to additional benefits such as engineering or application training. This is like going straight to the horse's mouth. The machines, probes, and parts will all be brand new. Buying new reduces the cost of ownership for the first several years. This is also where we discuss your preferences.

The budget is always the primary concern. Because most of you are on a tight budget, pricing becomes the deciding factor. A word of warning: you get what you pay for. If you want exceptional picture quality and the equipment to conduct high-end tasks such as elastography, stress echo, or 3D/4D imaging, your budget should be in the 27-30K area or more. If you solely give needle injections, you have several possibilities at considerably less expense. Colour flow, pulsed wave Doppler, and m-mode are standard features on most machines, regardless of kind.

You have already gone through my whole list and you must have made a decision about which one you are going to buy. There are certain things you must consider before buying such an ultrasound scanner. They are-

The ultrasound scanner has to be light in weight

It needs to have a superior image quality.

There must not be any problem occur during the scanning process.

It has to be cheap.

It needs to have good battery life.

The number and kind of transducers. The type of transducer you select will be determined by the intervention to be performed. There are now all-in-one transducers that can turn a smartphone or tablet into an ultrasonic system. These are based on a downloaded application and one or more miniature probes (surface, abdominal, cardiac, etc.) that are connected to your phone or tablet through a simple USB connector. The findings will then be shown instantly on your smartphone. This equipment is appropriate for emergency doctors as well as sports and humanitarian medicine.

There are many factors that will influence your decision to buy a home ultrasound machine. So you must be wise before taking any decision.

Check out our list once again and you may have already got your answer.


Today ultrasound technology has come a long way. Now we can use terms like home ultrasound machines. If we go back to the 80’s people would laugh about something like that. Ultrasound machines solely belonged to hospitals before. Now even a working-class man can afford a home ultrasound machine.

You may ask why should you buy one? You can just go to the hospital if anything goes wrong. Just think about this scenario.

Your wife suddenly felt something in her womb while she is 6 months pregnant. The night is stormy all ways to go to a nearby hospital are nearly blocked. And you do not know what to do as you do not know what is going on inside her belly. That’s where our home ultrasound machines come into play.

Now the question arises which one should you buy?

I have already provided you buying guide. If you look closely you will find all the good features a home ultrasound machine should have is CPL dual head premium. A CPL dual head premium is an ultrasound machine that can do the work of three machines at once.

An ultrasound machine has many applications. You do not know which part of your body is going to suffer next. You can check up on your whole body with one ultrasound scanner.

DrSono has designed this ultrasound machine keeping in mind regular home use.

This ultrasound machine is light in weight. Easy to handle. Compatible with any smart devices you have in your home.

You do not have to worry about battery life as it gives you a long scanning time. So, you can check thoroughly with the tension of the lights going out.

So, all you need to do is pick up your phone or laptop visit DrSono’s website and dial for the best home ultrasound machine you can buy online.