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12 Cheapest Pocket & Handheld Ultrasound Machines | Complete Price List

An ultrasound machine creates and receives ultrasound waves to create an image inside a body. Ultrasound machines have been used for years in the medical industry, from detecting fetal health to cancer.

Ultrasound machines are used to being non-portable stationary machines. But time has changed. So, the type of ultrasound. You can find handheld portable ultrasound machines these days.

Technology has taken us from zero to infinity. Today you can use an ultrasound machine wirelessly and see the results on your iPhone, Android phone and Tablet.

You must consider the price of these new technologies that may touch your roof. You will be shocked that new portable ultrasound machines are cheaper than you think.

Today we will talk about the cost of these ultrasound machines. You will be shocked to know that even you can buy ultrasound machines.

What could be the right price to buy an ultrasound machine?

Many factors affect the price of an ultrasound machine. Before discussing the price range, we must examine the type that creates the difference in an ultrasound machine.

Model and brand

A well-known and well-respected brand will be more expensive. However, the model's innovative and unusual can impact this.

Newer versions tend to incorporate the most recent technology, include more features, and are of more excellent quality, raising the price significantly.

If you're considering buying an older model because it's less expensive, be sure you know how old it is because replacement parts may be challenging. This implies you won't be able to repair it if something goes wrong.


Brand-new ultrasound equipment will almost certainly cost more than an older model, whether used or refurbished—the lower the price, the older the machine.

If you want to buy a reconditioned cheap ultrasound machine, the age of the unit is less critical. This is because the device is updated throughout the refurbishing process.

Application and functionality

If an ultrasound machine offers a variety of tasks and applications, it will give more versatility and be more expensive. The price of a computer is heavily influenced by its features and functionality.


A smaller and more portable machine will be much less expensive than a trolley-based machine. This is especially important if the device is mobile.

Warranty and maintenance

Maintenance fees may be included in the purchase of the ultrasound equipment. Furthermore, most ultrasound equipment providers and manufacturers provide a warranty. It will be for a limited time, perhaps one to five years, by default.

However, for an extra cost, an extended warranty may be available. Portability

A smaller and more portable machine will be much less expensive than a trolley-based machine. This is especially important if the device is mobile.

Stationary Ultrasound Machine Price

The cost of an ultrasound machine is about $10,000. Prices might range from $200,000 to $500,000 or more, depending on the amount of technology.

Portable Ultrasound Machine Price

Portable ultrasound devices are a practical choice. This sort of ultrasound machine costs between $30,000 and $50,000 new.

Handheld Ultrasound Machine Price

With a pocket-sized gadget, medical practitioners can triage and monitor patients more quickly. This sort of equipment may be purchased for as little as $1,000 or even lower.

Here I have given a Price list of 12 handheld cheap ultrasound machines. Check out the prices of some ultrasound machines.

1.3 in 1 CPL DUAL HEAD PREMIUM Ultrasound Scanner

portable ultrasound machine

DrSono has a 3-in-1 ultrasound scanner with all of the features. You have read correctly. One device has scan modes for convex, linear, and phased arrays. This gadget is inexpensive, simple, and compatible with our standard smartphones and tablets. This is the most adaptable gadget on the market.


• It has working Systems Apple iOS and Android, and Windows.

• This scanner works offline and has a built-in wifi signal

• Privacy protected

• No cloud storage

• Save data on your device.

• Best quality in the whole list.

• No need to buy three different scanners.

Price: The ultrasound probe price is $3625.22

2.DrSono 5C pro

handheld ultrasound machine

5C pro is gaining market popularity day by day. It is another example of a cheap ultrasound machine with a varied range of functionality.

Even though it weighs 230 grams, you will not feel much of the weight in your hand because of its wise weight distribution.

It gives you amazing battery life. It gives you a scanning time of 3 hours to 5 hours. The scanning angle is as wide as 60 degrees.


Numerous Applications

No Membership is Required. So, without any extra subscription or membership costs, one-time payment. No limitations apply to your usage of any of the features. also, unrestricted user access

Identify even the most minor anomalies.

Easy and Quick Measurement

Instantly acquire length, angle, area, and trace data after quickly and easily locating anomalies on the screen.

A Simple Photo Storage

Use the app to manage patient data. The desired moment on the screen, and Save pictures or videos to the photo library on your Tablet or smartphone to make things easier.

Price: The ultrasound machine cost is $ 1321

3.Butterfly IQ+

Butterfly IQ+ image

Butterfly iQ+ (Butterfly Network Inc) is a portable external ultrasound scanner that fits in the palm of your hand. It is a single-probe, mobile whole-body ultrasound device driven by a single silicon chip and linked to a smartphone. Butterfly iQ+ is intended for use in all fields of medicine. It contains 20 presets that may be utilized in point-of-care imaging for abdominal, cardiac, lung, bladder, nerve, vascular, musculoskeletal, ophthalmic, and obstetric procedures.


• It is inexpensive and offers a wide variety of options; • Improved diagnostic and treatment accuracy helps more people.

• Allows for extraordinary atrial fibrillation ablation and imaging of the pulmonary veins.

• Because it is tiny and light, it is convenient to transport and use.

• There are no wires; it allows you to see organ function and make a diagnosis fast and correctly.

• It is compatible with iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

• A single charge may last up to 90 minutes of continuous scanning.

Price: An ultrasound machine costs $2,399 USD plus membership. The iQ+ Vet costs $2,999 USD per probe plus membership. For the first year, a Pro individual membership costs $420 USD. Click here for all price information.

4.VScan Air

 vscan air image

Vscan stands for crystal-clear ultrasound pictures in a compact, lightweight, wireless package.

With wireless freedom and ultimate mobility, you can take Vscan Air anywhere*. Its tiny, lightweight, wireless dual-probe design delivers a practical, long-lasting, and versatile portable ultrasound solution.


Supports early diagnosis and allows you to make rapid decisions on the following measures.

Dual-probe imaging capability

Complete shallow and deep scans without changing probes or sacrificing picture quality.

Icon of a Stethoscope

It is simple to use, quick to browse, and suited for mobile devices.

Withstands regular wear and tear, including scratches, drops, and even rainfall.

Standard coverage: 1-year warranty + 2 years' service coverage, which covers remote assistance and probe exchange/repair.

With wireless freedom and ultimate mobility, you can take Vscan Air anywhere*. Its tiny, lightweight, wireless dual-probe design delivers a practical, long-lasting, and versatile portable ultrasound solution.

Price: $ 4500 (excluding VAT)

5.PA HD3

PA HD3 image

It would be a crime if I didn't put a clarius product on this list. The Clarius PA HD offers a high-definition window into the chest and abdomen up to 40 cm and has a tiny footprint. It is the top option for medical professionals when seeking high-quality cardiac imaging in a portable handheld scanner that can also do FAST tests, superficial imaging, and transcranial imaging. For a seamless experience, artificial intelligence, specific presets, and configurable processes automatically improve photography.


Reliable connection complete freedom Cleaning and disinfecting are quick and easy without cables.

Limitless Clarius Cloud storage allows you to manage your examinations and create reports from any location.

The most delicate imagery is automatically delivered through user-friendly AI-powered software for Apple or Android devices.

Best-in-class imaging is provided via artificial intelligence, eight beamformers, and 192 piezoelectric components.

Clarius HD3 can fit in your pocket and is perfect for compact places. Bring it everywhere you go.

Fast imaging with specific processes and tailored settings. Provide the most satisfactory service in your field of expertise.


$2995 with membership and $4900 for a one-time purchase.



A clear superficial scan and a more straightforward diagnosis are made possible by the Vsono-cardiac PR1's probe, which has a frequency range of central 2.8MHz, cardiac reverse harmonic 3.6MHz, and transcranial fundamental 2.5MHz.

The Vsono-PR1 fits in your pocket and is wireless and transportable. Before scanning, the user must establish a wifi connection between the probe and his iOS or Android smartphone using the Vsono-WiFi PR1's transmission. The doctor's phone or Tablet will be used to see and store the scan findings.


Modern digital photography techniques, sharp images

Highly economical

Wireless connection and simplicity of use

Easy to carry thanks to its small size

Applicable to clinics, the outdoors, veterinary inspections, etc.

Intelligent terminal platform, robust application growth features, including printing, communication, and storage.

Price: $2659.00

7. SONON 300L

SONON 300L image

One of the most excellent handheld ultrasound images is produced by the Healcerion 300L cordless handheld ultrasound equipment. It competes well with ultrasound systems that are 2-3 times more expensive. The wireless transducer for 300L is portable and lightweight. The replaceable battery may last a long period between charges and charges quickly. The Sonon 300L's battery is simple to replace, and you may use the system to image patients while a battery is being charged. Even the busiest medical facility can employ the wireless ultrasound transducer without downtime.


Long-lasting battery

Free product training forever

Connects to all modern Android and Apple mobile phones

Links to all current tablets from Apple and Android

The most common wireless ultrasound applications for MSK

Portable ultrasound device most used for PRP injections

Excellent visuals that rival the majority of high-end laptop models

Price: This ultrasound probe price is $ 5995.00


L3-15 image

Acuson Freestyle L13-5 probe uses include abdominal, musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, tiny parts, and vascular imaging. It is used with the Acuson Freestyle ultrasound machine. The functional frequency range of this linear probe is 5 to 13 MHz.

This ultrasound scanner is quite popular around for its low price. This is one of the cheapest ultrasound machines on this list.

You can buy ultrasound machines from various sources, not just from their official website.


Very reasonable price.

Does in-depth examination.

Has a wide frequency range of 5 Hz to 13 Hz

Price: You can buy an ultrasound machine for $700

9. D8


Youkey's D8 is one of the most versatile products on this list. This wireless ultrasound scanner connects to everything.

It is compatible with all Windows, Android and iOS. For its lightweight, it is very easy to transport.

D8 is famous for its connectivity. So, if you want a versatile ultrasound scanner, you should definitely take a look at D8 as a cheap ultrasound machine.


Super compatibility with any device.

Clear imaging technology.

Very handy for transportation as it weighs only 160 gm.

Multi modes for various operations.


Price: To buy an ultrasound machine will cost you around 3000$

10. MSL IPX7 Waterproof ultrasound scanner

MSL IPX7 Waterproof ultrasound scanner image

This product is highly demanded among people because of its water resistance technology. This ultrasound scanner contains a convex and linear probe.

This device has amazing battery life. You can use it with a battery backup of almost 6 hours.

The linear probe frequency ranges from 6.67 to 10Mhz. This MSL device supports 24 channels.


Support for remote real-time functionality

Long battery life >6 hours independent display terminal dynamic ultrasound Picture consultation 1920*1080

Support for several widely used platform apps, a probe with autonomous operation

Between the probe and the host that supports many major platform apps

High IPX7 waterproof level.

Price: The ultrasound machine sells for 2200$ dollars.

11. Vave wireless ultrasound

Vave wireless ultrasound image

In terms of modern healthcare, the Vave Untethered Ultrasound experience is revolutionary. You may record scans for later expert review and assessment, watch remote live scans, and scan locally.

Doctors, patients, and the firm all receive the proper service and flexibility thanks to Box Clever's end-to-end product experience, which was designed to satisfy their demands. In the end, portable technologies like Vave will enable doctors to decide more wisely, gain time, and enhance the standard of treatment.


Low cost

Easy to carry around

Clear Image quality

Different operation modes


Vave has an ultrasound scanner subscription service for a month. This service includes the upgraded replacement in two years.

12.MX5 Go POC

MX5 Go POC image

Healthcare workers may use the MX5 portable ultrasound system, which consists of a set of handheld ultrasound transducers that link by USB to an Android smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to help them make quick, precise judgments in a variety of applications.


One, two, or all three transducers and cables are interchangeable.

8" tablet brand new with power cord

individual tablet case

individual carrying case

provides a one-year warranty.

Since the transducers have already been registered, it is a "scan out of the box."

Price: You can buy an ultrasound machine for $2,619.00

Bottom line

If you look around, you are going to see a lot of cheap ultrasound scanners around. Now comes the question of which one will be your first priority.

If you want my recommendation, I would definitely tell you to go for DrSono's

3 in 1 CPL DUAL HEAD PREMIUM Ultrasound Scanner.

This ultrasound scanner does the job of three ultrasound scanners. The price is not sky high.

You can get top-notch picture quality, longer battery life and the best connectivity. So, get your CPL DUAL HEAD PREMIUM now for the best ultrasound experience at the lowest ultrasound probe price.