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Best Five Portable Ultrasound Scanners | Linear Probe

A wireless ultrasound scanner is a game changer. Ultrasound scanners are widely used in medical applications all over the world.

We've had it for a long time, but we've been using a wired ultrasound scanner.

Now, time has passed. Technology has reached its pinnacle. Wireless ultrasound scanners have largely replaced wired scanners.

Linear Probe

A linear probe generates high-resolution images of systems near the body's surface using high-frequency ultrasound. As a result, the investigation is ideal for vascular Imaging and processes such as central line location.

In the market, you may find many ultrasound scanners. You need to choose the best of them. Here goes the list of best ultrasound scanners for you to choose from in this vast marketplace.

Philips s4-1

Lumify follows you wherever you go, allowing you to begin scanning without searching for devices in the emergency rooms. With high-quality portable ultrasound imaging in your hand, you can make faster essential decisions and gain procedural guidance.

Philips s4-1 image


The Lumify S4-1 phased array transducer can help you examine cardiac function quickly by conducting FAST tests right from your compatible Apple and perhaps Android tablet app or smartphone. With the Lumify S4-1, you get Philips quality cardiac imaging on a gadget you can take anywhere-portability without sacrificing image quality.

Applications sites

● Lungs 

● Cardiac

● OB\Gyn

● Abdomen

How to use:

Install the Lumify ultrasound app for free on your compatible smartphone or tablet, connect the transducer via wifi, and you're ready to scan.


1. Outstanding vision

The Lumify app improves Imaging to help emergency medicine and critical care ultrasound providers confidently and quickly assess acute care patients. Advanced imaging algorithms adjust automatically, resulting in an exceptional image. Fine-tune scans with a simple and intuitive multi-touch interface by changing depth, gain, power, and colour.

2. Integrated tele-ultrasound in real-time

Real-time cooperation can make all the difference when time is of the essence. Lumify's Reacts capability allows you to stream live ultrasound images, video, and audio simultaneously. Whether you're in the ED, the field, or in transit, you can team up, saving time and allowing doctors to optimize the patient's care path.

3. Highly collaborative 

Exams and images of patients can be saved and viewed directly from your compatible Apple or App smartphone or tablet. Lumify enables you to easily cooperate and manage crisis and critical care ultrasound images both on and off your device by allowing you to share results via email, DICOM, or to a communication link or third-party cloud storage platform.


Weight: 96g 

 • 64 elements 

 • 1 to 4 MHz extended operating frequency range

 • 90-degree field of view

 • Supports 2D, colour Doppler, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging

 • Replaceable USB cable.

 • Price: 7000 USD

Clarius L-15

The Clarius L15 HD3, Clarius" most popular linear scanner, provides high-definition Imaging of superficial structures ranging from tiny nerves and vessels to repetitive strain injuries and lung imaging up to 7 cm. It's the best pick for medical practitioners attempting for premium results in a portable scanner that's wireless and affordable. With a simple app for your iOS or Android device, artificial intelligence, specialized presets, and automated processes deliver exceptional superficial Imaging.

Clarius L-15 image


● Breast

● MSK, Nerve

● Small Parts

● Superficial

● Thyroid


WirelessConsistent connection. Complete liberation. Sanitizing are simple and quick when there are no cords.

1.Storage in the Cloud

With infinite Clarius Cloud storage, you can maintain your exams and create reports from anywhere, at any time.

An easy-to-use Intelligence app for your Apple or Android device automatically brings the highest quality imaging.

Best-in-class Imaging is delivered by High Definition Artificial Intelligence, eight beamformers, and 192 piezoelectric elements.


Clarius HD3 is perfect for small spaces and fits in your pouch. Take it along with you wherever you go.

Fast Imaging specializes in dedicated templates and workflows. Provide the best experience possible in your field.

3.Keep calm and scan for a more extended period.

Clarius HD3 is now sleeker and lighter, with an embedded rechargeable battery, allowing you to scan even when you don't have a dependable source of power nearby. All scanners come with a charging point with a grab-and-go design. Fast charging only takes 90 minutes and gives you 1 hour of scanning time. The new And improved Quad-Liquid-Cooling system has increased cooling capacity to keep imaging and battery performance high. And, with the upcoming Powerfan, power customers will be able to scan indefinitely.

4.Disinfection is simple.

Clarius has an IP67 rating, which means it is water-resistant and fully immersible for decontamination. Examine the extensive list of cleaning staff and disinfectants approved for use by the Clarius scanner.

5.House the whole scanner

There is no hassle with wires. Just put Clarius in a sterilized bag to prevent contamination 

6.Simple Ultrasound Telemedicine

With Clarius Live, you can give recipients a link that allows them to see the scan on whatever gadget they are using.


• 7.7 Pounds

• Measurements: 11.9 x 19 x 3

• S Video Out

• VGA Out

• Ethernet Out

Composite Video

8.4-Inch LCD Display with 2D Imaging

M-Mode Zoom Doppler 

Duplex Imaging

Price:Device cost- 4900 USD

Software Cost 

Breast Package – 1200 USD

Aesthetic package- 1200 USD

Vascular Package- 1200 USD

MSK Package- 1200 USD

The butterfly IQ+

The Butterfly iQ+ is intended to make ultrasound simple to use. Once attached to our iOS or Android app, you can choose from 22 presets in secs with such a swipe of your finger — and then begin scanning.

butterfly IQ+ ultrasound machine

Applications sites

● Lungs 

● Cardiac

● OB\Gyn

● Abdomen


1.HIPAA-compliant storage is limitless.

Scan, upload, and save all of your research in one location. Using secure Butterfly Cloud, you can attempt to access studies on your tablet or phone at any time.


Share studies securely and straightforwardly.

De-identified studies can be texted or emailed directly to coworkers for consultation or patients to keep them up to date.


There is one probe. There are six imaging modes. There are 22 presets, and e all are available for scanning. just with a single tap of a finger, you may choose presets such as Lung, Cardiac, Abdomen, etc.

imaging technology advanced

4.Biplane ImagingTM improves precision.

With the world's first POCUS Biplane imaging, you can see both the short and long axis on the screen simultaneously. When combined with Needle VizTM, this distinctive dual-imaging mode allows for performing complicated in-plane procedures with accuracy and control, such as catheter insertion, nerve blocks, and musculoskeletal injections.

5.Telemedicine has enabled the use of remote ultrasound.

You can now conduct bedside ultrasounds remotely using TeleGuidanceTM. Connect with a novice or a colleague directly from the Butterfly iQ+ app and provide live guidance in seconds.


Weight: 163 x 56 x 35 mm Dimensions: 163 x 56 x 35 mm

309.9 gram

length of the cable: 1.5 meters long

Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery 2600 mAh

Life of the battery:2 hours of continuous scanning

Time to recharge;5 hrs (for full recharge)

Charging wirelessly



9000 micro-machined sensors in a 2D array

Price:2668 USD


The MX5 ultrasound devices system consists of a set of portable imaging applications that connect via USB to an Android smart device, such as a phone or tablet, to assist healthcare professionals in making quick, accurate decisions in various applications.

Mx5 GO POC image

The MX5 ultrasound device system comprises a collection of handheld imaging techniques that communicate via USB to an Android smart device, such as a tablet or phone, to help healthcare professionals make quick, correct decisions in various applications. 


● Lungs 

● Cardiac

● OB\Gyn

● Abdomen


1.Ultrasound via the app – anywhere, at any time

Download the MX5 app, connect the transducer, and you're ready to go. Encounter patients at the point of service, make faster diagnoses and provide care.

2.Focused Applications in Proof-of-Concept

The MX5 maximizes workflow efficiency while delivering superior Imaging for rapid bedside patient assessment. The MX5 provides diagnostic confidence for focused apps such as acute care, internal medicine, musculoskeletal, and office practice due to its intuitive interface, easy operation, excellent high resolution, slim go capacity, touch-screen gesture, and a simplified, intuitive workflow.

3.Civil emergency medicine and midwife

Civil emergency medicine and midwife patient care have much potential.

MX5 ultrasound provides high-quality Imaging and is regularly used for various clinical settings, including hospital bedsides and clinics and civil accident and emergency medicine, where MX5 mobile ultrasound can be a great addition to other diagnostic tools. MX5 can also support rapid point-of-care diagnoses in hospitals, medical practices, and home visits, attempting to avoid delays or the need for patients to make the journey.


The extended working frequency range of 10 to 5 MHz

The central frequency is 7.5MHz, and the aperture size is 34mm.

Imaging with high resolution for shallow applications: Exams of small organs, musculoskeletal systems, peripheral vessels, and nerves

Transducer for USB-C with the replaceable cable

Support for an advanced factory overclock probe L10-5s, aperture size 26mm, and central frequency 8.0MHzs


Dr Sono CPL Dual-head Premium

DrSono's CPL Dual-head Pro+ is simple to set up and use. A one-time fee covers 180 minutes of continuous scanning service. Batteries are easily replaceable, and the operating time can be increased by an entire day. This scanner is compact, portable, and loaded with cutting-edge technology.




●small parts






Operating System: Android, iOS, and Windows applications are all supported.

For crystal clear images, advanced technology is used.

Users can control advanced functions with ease.

It works down for maintenance and has an integrated wifi signal.

Valid for the emergency, clinic, outdoor, and veterinary inspections.

Smart devices allow for remote diagnosis.

Very user-friendly. No membership is required.

Measurements include length, area, circumference, angle, obstetrics, and trace.

Portable and pocket-sized

It is a little larger than mobile phones, but it easily fits inside a pocket and is portable.

1.Design Is Waterproof

The entire probe is designed to be waterproof. As a result, water damage is improbable.

2.Remote Diagnosis Is Convenient

Remote diagnosis is simple with the help of smart devices.

3.Excellent Image Quality

Image clarity is ensured by advanced image technology.

Medical Instrument with High Precision

As a visual precision medical tool, it aids in improving medical staff work efficiency, reduces labour intensity and work pressure, removes testing and therapy errors, complications, and aftereffects, and avoids medical accidents and medical disagreements.

4.Effective Remote Diagnosis

The product's powerful remote specific diagnostic function provides users with expert advice. It can also use the more exceptional standard of small experts to attract patients to the roots for treatment, thereby promoting hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.


Scan mode Electronic array

Elements 128

Frequency 7.5-10 MHz

Definition Crystal clear

Display mode B, B/M, Color, PW, PDI

Scanning Depth 2-10 cm

Battery Running time three h

Weight 230 g

Image frame rate 18 f/s

Head length | Radius 4 cm

Dimension 15.6cm x 6 cm x 2 cm

Image Save jpg, avi and DICOM

Price: 3315.00 USD


Different scanners have different specialities. If you are looking for a high depth and long battery system, you are looking for two other scanners. So go with the most optimized scanner that will be the best in price and features. 

If you want excellent storage, butterfly IQ+ will be a good choice. Besides, if you need excellent overall performance, Philips s4-1 will be good. But its cost will not be a piece of cake. Dr Sono's ultrasound scanner is reasonably priced with the most needed features. 

Get your ultrasound scanner now.


The entire world is becoming wireless. Wires will soon become a myth as well. You are stupid if you still use a wired ultrasound scanner to get your job done in this wireless world. 

A wireless ultrasound scanner is a revolutionary piece of equipment for the medical world. It has bought ease to the patients and those who conduct the scan. Patients don't need to get in long lines. Even users can use them efficiently. 

Get your desired product and save us all the hassle of going into the big room where the wired scan is situated.