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Best 6 Vaginal Ultrasound Tool to detect Vaginal Health Issues

What is a transvaginal ultrasound?

An ultrasound test captures images of your inside organs by using high-frequency sound waves. Imaging scans can discover irregularities and aid doctors in disease diagnosis.

Transvaginal ultrasound, also known as endovaginal ultrasound, is a type of pelvic ultrasound used by clinicians to examine the female reproductive organs. The package includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina.

The phrase "transvaginal" means "through the vagina."

Unlike a typical abdominal or pelvic ultrasound, which places the ultrasound wand (transducer) on the outside of the pelvis, your doctor or a technician inserts an ultrasound probe about 2 or 3 inches into your vaginal canal.

The Advantages of Transvaginal Ultrasound

A transvaginal ultrasound scan can identify a wide range of illnesses. It can also detect a wide range of interior ailments. Furthermore, a transvaginal ultrasound serves several purposes. One of the most enticing elements of ultrasonography is its lack of discomfort. This examination, once again, presents no difficulty. So, you don't have to think about anything while selecting a transvaginal ultrasound.

So, if you're looking for Transvaginal ultrasonography advantages, you've come to the right site. I will go through some of the benefits of transvaginal ultrasonography with you.


Transvaginal ultrasonography is usually painless. However, the insertion of the probe might be a bit uncomfortable.

The scan is performed by a healthcare professional who wraps the probe in a sheath and lubricating gel before slowly inserting it into the vagina to a depth of 5-8 centimetres (cm). There may be some pressure or pain at this time.

Transvaginal ultrasonography has no adverse effects and allows patients to resume their daily activities quickly.

There was no radioactive exposure.

We are aware that this test will result in pollution. However, in comparison to other tests, it is entirely harmless. Other examinations, such as x-rays and CT scans, generate a significant amount of radiation. On the other hand, patients will not be exposed to radiation if positioned beneath the transvaginal ultrasound scanner. As a result, it is a simple process with no harmful implications. Ultrasonography has had no negative consequences thus far.

Internal Body Image in Detail

One of the essential advantages of transvaginal ultrasonography is a transparent image. X-rays, however, will provide you with a duplicate of your inside organs. However, the x-ray may not give you the necessary information when it comes to soft tissues. In that case, you should choose ultrasonography as your best option. It will provide you with a clear image of the soft tissues within the vaginal region. This will help doctors determine whether or not there is a problem.

List of transvaginal Ultrasound Tools

Now I am going to list seven ultrasound machines that will work as excellent tools to examine the vaginal area.

1.Clarius EC7 HD3

Clarius EC7 HD3 image

The EC7 HD3 is one of the world's first high-definition wireless endocavity scanners.

The Clarius EC7 HD3 is a wideband micro convex array scanner with high-definition imaging that is meant for early obstetrics, gynecology, IVF, pelvic, and urology tests. It is the top choice for medical professionals searching for a low-cost portable scanner with high-resolution imaging up to 15 cm. AI, tailored presets, and customized processes optimize photography automatically for a smooth experience.

Clarius HD3 provides the high performance of cart-based systems with up to 8X quicker frame rates and outstanding ultrasonic picture quality, thanks to artificial intelligence, 192 piezoelectric components, and eight beamformers.

Clarius is a star in the wireless ultrasound scanner world. If you are buying a new scanner, clarius will be on your choice list for sure.

2. ATL TV08B

 ATL TV08B image

The TransVaginal Wireless Ultrasound Probe B/W ATL is the world's tiniest and lightest.

These probes combine clinical philosophy and technology, and their unique design allows anybody in the healthcare industry to do any ultrasound.

ATL Wireless ultrasound probes are portable, pocket-sized, and, most importantly, wireless; they connect to tablets, smartphones, or PCs and are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

All the ATL products are now taking space in the medical industry. Their vaginal ultrasound scanners are giving better-quality images every day.

ATL TV08B performance is definitely going to affect your choice of the best vaginal ultrasound tool.


Transcare-scan-4.4 image

Transcare- scan 4.4 is another addition to our list with too much potential to be the best vaginal ultrasound tool. It has a decent display depth of 30 to 115 mm.

The battery time is pretty average. With one recharge, you can use it for up to 2.5 hours.

Works both for wireless and USB charging.

Transcae-Scan-4.4 is very easy to handle. You can download its Android and iOS apps for free.

Transcare scan supports in plane vein finder, which eases the process of vein navigation.

So overall, if you ask me if It will e a device, I will definitely suggest you buy it.

4.GE 4DE7C

GE 4DE7C image

A wideband convex volume ultrasonic transducer probe is the GE 4DE7C Transducer. Clinical applications and assessments for OB/GYN and urology employ the GE 4DE7C.

This transducer works with ultrasound systems from the Logiq series and has a frequency range of 3.5 to 10.0 MHz.

The completely reconditioned GE 4DE7C transducer is available from Soma Technology, Inc.

This is the first of the two machines on the list by general electronics. General electronics is a formidable competitor in the market and makes their vaginal ultrasound machine accordingly. 

5.Philips C8-4v

Philips C8-4v image

The Philips iU22, HD15, HD11XE, HD7, EnVisor, and HD9 ultrasound systems are all compatible with the Philips C8-4v broadband curved ultrasound transducer. Applications for the C8-4v probe include endovaginal and contrast imaging. SonoCT, XRES, and colour power angio are all included.

For Endocavity examination, this device has proven to be very handy. It is light in weight and relatively easy to carry around.

Besides, the name Philips adds to the brand value. So many of you will find it more appealing.

If you are looking for a handsome device with effortless portability, I will suggest you go for Philips C8-4v. But if you want absolutely the best, I am offering you to keep on scrolling.


Now we are talking about the best vaginal ultrasound machine on the list. Although I am talking about vaginal ultrasound tools, this device adds one convex probe with it. That makes it a multipurpose ultrasound scanner.

With 128 elements, this device competes among the best scanners in its class. The image quality is crystal clear.

It weighs about 250gm and generates 18 frames per second.

One of the best things about this ultrasound scanner is its battery life. It has a decent battery life of 3 hours.

Both a convex probe and a transvaginal probe have a wide scanning range. The convex probe ranges from 90 to 305 mm, and the transvaginal probe goes from 40 to 100 mm.

This device is compatible with regular intelligent devices in your hand. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

You do not need to have an internet connection to operate this ultrasound scanner. It has a built-in WiFi signal.

It has its own storage device. So you do not need any cloud storage to recall your data.


Female health is not a taboo subject anymore. The more we speak up about it more diseases can be prevented from spreading. A vaginal ultrasound tool is a boon to female health.

I have already given you the top 7 vaginal ultrasound tools. But which one you should buy?

There are certain things you need to keep in mind before buying an ultrasound scanner.

The ultrasound scanner you are about to choose must have the perfect functionality for the purpose you are buying it for.

For a transvaginal ultrasound tool, it must have good image quality, long battery life, and good compatibility with your everyday devices. And from that perspective, CT dual head pro+ matches the profile for the perfect vaginal ultrasound tool.

This is the best ultrasound machine you can find in the market for vaginal examination. It comes with a bonus of a convex probe that allows you to explore more areas other than just the vaginal side.

So you get two probes at the price of one. All the facts are before you. So what are you waiting for? Buy the best vaginal ultrasound probe now.